Delegation accepted for 35+ million amount of Dunes

Here at Flippin Dunes we like to flip and bake your tacos, in other terms your Dunes. Currently accepting new delegations.


No 5-cycle rewards freeze, direct payment after each cycle (after 7-cycle baking rights)


Delegation accepted for 35 million amount of Dunes, WE ARE ACCEPTING


We just charge you 15% flat fee, no surprises here


Copy addres

We accept new TEZOS now!


Why you should consider baking tacos with us

Strict privacy

We honour the will of being anonymous, we will not KYC any customer nor will we ask any question about how funds are aquired, this is non off our business. We are will Flip your tacos/Dunes.

Multiple Nodes

As a baker, securing the network is one of our goals and also have high uptime to maximize all the baking. We setup 3 dedicated nodes power with 2TB M2 SSD’s to keep on baking and securing the network

Premium fiber connection

As part of the 3 nodes we use to securing our Delegation service, we also use Fiber connection with a guaranteed uptime off 99.8% with a 1:1 line. That way our Delegation service has high availability thus targeting 100% bake ratio. 


Start delegating your tacos

Currently we will start doing our first bakes on Cycle 72. We don’t have any minimum nor maximum for delegation.

That means free for all, we don’t like any limitations and the chance of us being over-delegated are very slim, we are able to host 35 million Dunes and as a liquid baker, we are able to ramp up this funds if needed, but as things look it will be a big challenge to fill up the full amount we are able to bake.

Also in addition, we don’t use any bond pools, we see bond pool as a harmful way of functioning. Similar of being a banking delegation service. Delegation services shouldn’t apply for any third party bonds.

Mainly on crypto we don’t approve how banks function, thus loans on crypto level is not nice and mainly unnecessary.

Applying for a bond pool is pure greed.

  • How much does your delegation service charge?
    We charge a 15% fee
  • How frequent will you pay out?
    No 5-cycle reward freeze, get instant pay after your 7-cycle baking right (7+1)
  • Who pays transfer fees for rewards

    We pay the transfer fees for your rewards, that way you get maximum profits!

  • Scam?

    Out of the blue we are coming as a delegation service which is able to host 35 million Tezos, are we maybe some sort of scam?

    Definitely not!.. We have invested quite some money on this delegation service to put up as good as possible delegation service. Not only did we invest in Nodes, Fiber and development we also truly believe in Tezos. We would never harm such good project on the contrary we would like to contribute and help decentralizing the project by adding our delegation service

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Telegram us or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.